Make Balance make sense

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Obviously the game balance will change when the game comes out and all, but it would be good if there were some balance changes in the demo as well. Right now it feels like herbivores have the upper hand, with even the hadrosaur bites matching carnivore bites in damage, while tail slams from dinosaurs without spikes out trading carnivores that attack from behind. While this may sound biased, and the game may be balanced around other systems that are to come, but I feel like the numbers for all dinos should logically make much more sense. The game doesn’t allow much to hunt for solo carnivores -even the bigger ones like dasp- except younger dinos. By logically make sense I mean if something with teeth bites another thing it should do even a small amount of bleed, furthermore tail slaps for -for example- hadrosaurs should not outdamage carnivores of same size or bigger, forcing them to retreat, when they should be rewarded by attacking their -supposedly- defenceless sides.

Under consideration Suggested by: Lunar Upvoted: 04 Nov Comments: 1

Comments: 1