Rework sarcosuchus bites

First of all buff bleed from sarco ripping bite because its dealing so low bleed so it cant be used. Sarco ripping bleed bite that has 5 sec CD and cost 1200 and deals less bleed than iggys claw that's has 1 sec cd
add BB on crushing bite btw CRUSHING bite that dont bb?) srsly? cera can bb and sarco that has some much stronger bite cant? + talking about gameplay big slow dinos like croc or spoon need bb cause its their only chance to kill its their control it better give bb big dinos than some1 like cera who already has mobility to catch some1
and btw why sarco whos gameplay only ambushing roaring when using crushing bite but maybe its ok cause croc rn has silent swim but if u want crushing bite having roaring its need to have bb cause it will good reward
if some1 has question u can find me in discord Romantik#0675

Under consideration Suggested by: Romantik Upvoted: 11 Aug Comments: 0

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