Daspletosaurus: Charged "Ambush" Ability

As we've seen on the PTB, Sarcosuchus got a new charged attack, where the longer it is charged, the more damage it does.
I had an idea for a unique charging ability for Daspletosaurus:
Upon activation, Daspletosaurus stops moving and gets into a "runner position," lowering itself down and making a soft rumbling noise
Once the charged ability is released, Daspletosaurus gets a temporary speed boost, similar to the original charge that Albertaceratops had on its initial release.
Given Daspletosaurus' low baseline speed but new increased damage on the PTB, an ambush-oriented speed ability could make for a very interesting playstyle, focused on stealth and ambushing targets to chase them and inflict bonebreak before finishing them off.

Under consideration Suggested by: Spooqi Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 0

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