Scent Alternative: Player-made Map Markings

A big problem in Path right now is that new players have a hard time locating resources. Many feel forced to use 3rd party resource maps and websites. In regards to this problem, I believe that Scent/Sniffing is not the best solution, as it can create opportunities for abuse.

Instead, I propose that ***Players be allowed to create permanent personal marks on their world maps, with written labels or notes attached to them.***

The devs have already put the work into a beautiful and detailed in-game world map. We should make use of it! ***Players could create these marks directly from the map UI, to make this feature take less development time. Ideally, however, I imagined the playable dinos getting a new action for scratching/marking a nearby item, which would open the map UI and allow the placement of a mark at your current location.*** With this system, we could keep important info inside the game, and engage/empower players to explore and communicate more!

Under consideration Map Feedback Quality of Life (QOL) Suggested by: Maximo Upvoted: 13 Sep Comments: 0

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