Доработка мода Критопса создателя JIGGY

hello jiggy, are you the developer of the Critops mod?
if so, then we really want you to finalize yours for us all the players who liked this and the mod, and continue to like it. My name is Cyril and I play on a role-playing server, where we play the role of a living dinosaur with the people. we add dinosaurs from different mods and krytops would also like it if it was updated. and so we have to remember when this dinosaur played well in this game before
if you do hear me, then my request is that you add to it:
friendly sound
aggressive sound
disturbing , others optional.
add a baby version to him and dynamic growth is very important for him, but the rest of the modem must be tolerated.
but if you do not give up the rest, then you can still give him abilities, turn his head with the help of the camera and others, like your official dinosaurs.
your loving player Kirill on his favorite game the path of the titans

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