Combat/Insta logging

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Lately there has been a big increase in people instantly logging out/disappearing mid fight or chase if they are losing. The most likely scenario is that they are eithee Alt+F4 or crashing their game somehow to not die, but also in one case we found they had simply been way-stoned by a friend. I suggest there should be a penalty if you do this as it is very frustrating when this happens (has happened 5 times to me in 3 days now). That their dino either is forced to stay in-game, or with a Waystone that you must safelog to accept it. I am not sure if there is a fix to the instant logging but it is becoming a major concern now in each hunt.

Known Issue Game Bug or Crash Suggested by: Chylk Upvoted: 06 Aug, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2