Communication/Patch Notes for Balancing Changes

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Without communicating the changes, players have less than satisfactory means to learn them. They may learn through community members, who may spread misinformation be it intentional or unintentional. Otherwise they'll learn in game, which can be bad if they go in expecting a playable to perform one way, only for it to not perform as expected and die because of it at no fault of theirs. To an unknowing player, Eotrike's recent changes could look like a bug for them to report. All of this can be mitigated or avoided by communicating changes. The most efficient way I think to communicate changes is to first describe the change, detail the reason for the change (imbalance, community response, etc.) and to describe the intended gameplay direction ("Eotrike is meant to play aggressively which is why it is as fast as it is, but needed more to counterbalance it"). Together I see this as a concise way to communicate balancing changes to the community that would otherwise be left in the dark.

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Comments: 3