Daspletosaurus Balancing Tweaks

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Ever since Daspletosaurus was released as a playable creature its stats have been problematic, not being able to compete with other 3 slots effectively due to how frail it is and how bad its damage output is.

This problem has only gotten worse due to animals such as Allosaurus, Megalania, Suchomimus, etc, all being able to outclass daspleto, rendering it useless, how can we solve this?

I suggest increasing Daspleto's combat weight from 3.5k to 4k, same as allo's current weight. Along with this the damage of its bite attacks should be swapped, giving its default bite an attack stat of 70, and crushing bite an attack stat of 50, making both attacks useful in a fight. Lastly a slight buff to its speed to match that of Suchomimus would help Daspletosaurus escape from animals such as Eo, Chei and Sucho.

These changes would help Daspletosaurus set as a 3 slot bruiser, being able to brawl with similarly sized animals, while making it agile enough to run away from larger threats

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: MartinX Upvoted: 09 Mar Comments: 5

Comments: 5