Ano Tail Club Hitbox / Damage Taken

Many times lately I've seen predators use Precise Movement around a crouched (turtled) Anodonto, and bite the very tip of the tail club hitbox from out of reach.

This results in them either:

A.) Nibbling the Anodonto to death out of reach of any tail attack by just exploiting the tail tip hitbox


B.) Forcing the Anodonto out of turtled defense crouch in order to try and stop the strategy, resulting in it taking full damage and bleed from its enemy

Either way, the Anodonto dies.

My suggestion: Make the tail club take 0 damage or bleed. It's a flippin solid chunk of bone. There is no flesh there to bleed or damage. If they want to bite the tail to do damage to the Anodonto, they have to move into range to do so.

No Anodonto should die because a predator sits out of range biting the tail club only

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Jynn Upvoted: 27 May Comments: 0

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