Add Beelzebufo

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A unique function beelzebufo would add to Path of Titans is that it would be the first creature to utilize toe based abilities with three options to suit different play styles with extended webbing like those of aquatic frogs to heavily increase swim speed but heavily reduce running speed, regular or balanced webbing being like semi aquatic frogs and being balanced at both swimming and running, and no webbing as seen on most species of toads which would heavily increase running speed but heavily reduce swimming speed. Beelzebufo will have a unique niche in how it will be able to take down early juvenile stages of larger dinosaurs and the older stages of rather smaller dinosaurs and AI by how it has a large mouth in proportion to its body size. For all in formation on why beelzebufo should be added use this link

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Gort Upvoted: today Comments: 5

Comments: 5