No more fun!

One thing in advance!
I LOVE the game Path of Titans <3

Now for my request:
I'm sorry to say that the game PoT is going in a direction I don't like at all! The community on the offi servers has become so overly toxic! You want to play the game normally without a group of players showing up and taking away your fun!

People just kill without rhyme or reason, for no apparent reason! I mean, the game wants to be a dinosimulation or not? So far it feels like a shoddy battle royale or deathmatch game!
And this constant re-logging between dinos extremely annoying! 90% of the players abuse it to make pointless revenge kills, I don't think the makers wanted this!

Yes, there are community servers with rules, but the core of the game lies in the PoT makers' offi servers. They reflect the game! Anyone can make servers with rules.
Most people are on the offi servers and I don't want to say that everything is stupid, but the points I just mentioned are very annoying and ruin the game for me!

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