Cenozoic Era

Since its a mmo style game adding more than just dinos would make the game so much more interesting. You would get a wide range of play styles and you would also get to experience different encounters and battles. The main thing in this game is the characters and and there's only so much dinos you can add before you run out. Ark survival does a good job at this because none of the animals look out of place and seem to blend even though they are all from different eras. I see snowy mountains in the background of the path of titans map so maybe you could add a giant glacier with a snow biome to go with Cenozoic Era animals maybe even temperature so only fur covered animals can travel there.
A snow biome would make adding Cenozoic Era seem more plausible. Things you could add are: mammoth, wooly rhino, Terror bird, Titanoboa, arsinoitherium, Diplocaulus, equus, cave bear, chalicotherium, Doedicurus, Daeodon, Gigantopithecus, Megaloceros. Paraceratherium, Megatherium, Castoroides ...

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Comments: 1

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