Istiodactylus Suggestion

Name: Istiodactylus

I. latidens(Balanced)
I. sinensis(Speed+)
I. brachyognathus(Defense+)

Description: Istiodactylus is a Istiodactylidae Pterosaur from Early Cretaceous of England. It had a wingspan of around 5 meters and was known for its set of large, slicing teeth.

Game-play: Istiodactylus is here to control the Pterosaur numbers. Preferring to hunt the other flyers than fish. Istiodactylus had some unique abilities that helped it perform in its niche. Like flesh grazing, diving attack buffs, and "cookie cutter" bites that leaves weak points.

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: B-52 Upvoted: 04 Aug Comments: 0

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