Maaradactylus Suggestion

Name: Maaradactylus

M. kellneri(Balanced)
M. kiriri(Speed+)
M. temerario(Defense+)

Description: Maaradactylus is a Anhanguerid Pterosaur from Early Cretaceous of Brazil. It had a wingspan around 4.5 meters, but a upsized to 5 meters wouldn't hurt.

Game-play: Maaradactylus is one daredevil of a Pterosaur, with its decent attack and abilities make a good choice for PvP players. Maaradactylus abilities consist of head butts/swings, bites, and attacks that involves its wings(Also some of these attacks contain low chance of knockback).
Unlike the other flyers, Maaradactylus had a unique ability called "Devil's Critital Hit", it gives Maara a chance of landing a deadly critical hit but at the cost of it taking stamina and lowering Maara's defense. Making it a high risk, high reward move.

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