Sprint Activation during Jump/Precise Movement

Had quite a few close calls during combat where my dino refuses to sprint, despite me holding the sprint key.

Finally figured out that dinos will not sprint if the sprint key is pressed (and held) during a jump OR precise movement. If activated and held during a jump/precise movement, upon hitting the ground/releasing precise movement, you'll just trot indefinitely (until you release and re-activate sprint).

I think this should change. It's extremely jarring and counterintuitive when you're holding sprint and your dinosaur doesn't seem to respond. You should be able to activate sprint anytime and the game should recognise when the sprint key is being held, launching you back into a sprint when it becomes possible (when you touch the ground/precise movement ends).

Under consideration Game Bug or Crash Suggested by: AlwaystheMage Upvoted: 12 Feb Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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