Here are two AI creature suggestions for the community to vote on and for the developers to consider. Remember that these are suggestions, not demands so feel free to disagree if you want.

1. Inostrancevia alexandri

This creature measured about 9.5 feet long with a 20 inch skull, which comes complete with a pair of sabertooth fangs on the front. It looked like a reptile but was apparently a mammal, and was also carnivorous in nature; apparently it also lived in small groups, making it lethal to anything that had the misfortune of striding too close to the group. My thought is that this creature would serve as an excellent competitor to smaller megalania and a food source for bigger ones.

2. Archelon

A gigantic sea turtle roughly the size of a car, about 10 feet long, it would serve as an excellent food source for aquatics, semi aquatics, and land based opportunist carnivores. The creature could either be a fisher, an insectivore, or an undersea grazer, or all of the above.

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Megatronus Upvoted: 09 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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