Add emotes for sleeping dinos.

I would love to see more emotes added, specifically for when dinos are sleeping. A second, separate emote wheel would be available for dinos who go into their sleeping animation so they don't sit there statically until waking up. I've thought of a few of them I'd like to see, and of course other people can add any in the comments they would want to see too.

-Lift their head up and look left or right to check surroundings, then go back to sleep
-Open their eyes and make a low rumble or a huff, and fall back asleep.
-Be able to make "snoring" noises while asleep
-Have an emote to open specific dino's eyes (ones not covering their faces) and are able to close them again when it's used a second time
-A yawn paired with a small stretch, such as stretching a leg or a tail, then returning to regular sleep
-Twitching in their sleep, such as moving arms or legs slightly as some animals in real life do

Under consideration Game Art and Animation Suggested by: Cool Guy Upvoted: 27 Jul Comments: 0

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