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I will be comparing this crocodilian to sarcosuchus. A little more health. Because of its wider jaw, more damage. On land, it’s much slower than the sarco, however it spends much less stamina. Because of its much wider jaw, it can grab dinos depending on there size and growth. Only hatchling and juvi deinocerious and spinosaurus can be grabbed. Only hatchling, juvi, and 50% of adolescent suchomimus can be grabbed. Only hatchling, juvi, and adolescent desplatosaurus, iguanadon, allosaurus, eotrike, anodontosaurus, and stegosaurus can be grabbed. Only hatchling, juvi, adolescent, and 50% sub adult metricanthrosuarus, alioramus, styracosurus, albertoseratops, ceratosaurus, and kentrosaurus can be grabbed. Because of there small size, struthiomimus, latenavinatrix, deinonychus, megalania, and camptosaurus can all be grabbed regardless of there growth and size. This ability spends lots of stamina, and can be unlocked once the deinosuchus has reached sub adult growth.

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Comments: 2