Penalties for herbivore on herbivore killing?

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I’m not disappointed with the game at all the game is great its when the experience is down sized as a young herbivore.. or a herbivore in general being killed intentionally by a other herbivore player just because they can.. usually its conducted with multiple different players attacking a single one. It happens too often for me to enjoy the game and more so makes me and probably other people paranoid/ unhappy over everything near us thats bigger even if we’re a full adult creature makes the game less fun too. Just in a hour of playing the game I’ve been killed as a herbivore by another herbivore three times so mini unintended rant/points aside!

-- can we put a penalty system in? The more often you kill a herbivore as a herbivore say you lose marks, more and more as you keep killing unnecessarily.

A carnivore is intended to hunt and kill so thats expected in the gameplay. But players using the already overpowered herbs make it impossible to grow and enjoy things as designed.

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Comments: 2