Sarco Lunge & Grab

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An ability for Sarco to lunge out of the water a meter or two in order to grab onto prey when it bites them so it can pull its prey into the water with it.
This would make ambushing as a Sarco a lot better as the problem I have faced is small Dino's can simply run away from the waters edge before you can deal enough damage to kill them. Plus, if they are in a herd killing a stray baby just makes the herd scare you off so they can cannibalize their former team member, or otherwise guard the corpse in spite of you.

In the future, this could also open up the ability to implement a "Death Roll" animation for the Sarco to eat the corpse while it's floating/ underwater.

Under consideration Creature Abilities Suggested by: Aaron Brown Upvoted: 02 Nov Comments: 6

Comments: 6