Player Collision Explotation

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Straight to the point. There have been many instances in which myself and other players have had certain in game mechanics fail for us, primarily when it comes to Collision and mechanics surrounding them.

Anodonto has a great skill where it holds still for a time and gains a damage debuff, allowing for it to be a defensive creature. The Issue comes in when another creature moves against it, primarily when it's hit box and another creature's hitbox mix, ie head/body. This causes the buff to be removed as you are moving even though you did not have any input for moving.

Sarcosuchus has a gigantic snout, unfortunately for many the snout causes played to get stuck in it, due to the mentioned hitbox mixing. When one or two Sarcosuchus work together, you can trap just about any creature with your snouts, causing them to be stuck.

This all being said I think that the collision model for combat in general is the best so far in the genre. Though I am not sure how to fix the issues thoughts?

Under consideration Game Bug or Crash Suggested by: Jagged Dart Upvoted: 10 Jul, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1