Carnivores need to become better

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I understand that in a herd herbivores are strong, but the problem is that many herbivores are strong solo too. We live in a carnivore hunt carnivore world, since most herbivores will wreck all carnivores, and therefore carni's will either hunt other carni's or be lazy and stay near a corpse. I always imagined this game to be like realism, and therefore seeing carnivores hunt herbivores should be natural. But herbivores are to powerful and some abilities are absolutely taken advantage of. Last time I played I was a meg and joined a group of em with a daspleto, the herbivore group wrecked the entire group so I left and didn't even bother tring. They would send out a tiny anky that would break bones?? I'm sorry but tiny dinosaurs should not be able to break bones. Please ensure herbivores that can break bones that they only learn this when they are at least sub! Make carnivores stronger so they can actually survive. Most herbivores are faster and out stam the larger carni's.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: SDB Upvoted: 30 Jun Comments: 1

Comments: 1