Dino Suggestion: Siamogale

Since the suggestions were removed from the Discord server i would like to present it here.
An ancient species of giant Otter, a plant, fruit and insect eating semi-aquatic herbivore similar size to the modern wolf. i believe this creature is significant because it fills the semi aquatic niche the herbivores do not yet have. being also less intimidating would be appealing to certain types of players and i believe its attacks should be;
Medium Damage Bite, Heavy Bleed Bite and a Low Bleed Tail Swing/ Rear Kick
Other Abilites i think it should have are;
Balanced Speed Tail. Standard, Thick, Thin and Streamlined Fur. Forager, Fisher and Scavenger Metabolism.
Hands Paddle and Tail Paddle. And Leg abilities for Standard, +Stamina -Speed, +Speed - Stamina and Stealth/ When crouched for 3 seconds reduce all noise for 42 seconds.
Proposed Base stats are =Health, +Health.Regen, +Stamina, +Stamina.Regen. =Land.Speed, +Water.Speed, +Survive and -Defense.

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Ryzanima Upvoted: 08 Jan Comments: 0

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