Dino Suggestion: Dryptosaurus

Suggestions were removed from the discord server so here;s one id like to be considered.
A medium-large Tyrannosaurid, bipedal, ground-dwelling Carnivore. I would like to see this added because there are not many medium sized carnivores and two of them currently in-game are smaller feathered raptors. i believe it should be a very well balanced hunter having a above average amount of stamina with above average stamina regen but poor health recovery, average defense and above average speed. i think the Dryptosaurus should come with a high damage bite, average bleeding claw and low damage tail swing for its attacks. i believe its other abilities should include the balanced tail to increase speed, at the cost of turn radius and defense. thick and thin scales and a voice call that applies a 60 second buff to self and pack members to boost defense. also a leg ability to improve stamina at the cost of speed and another to boost speed and lower stamina and its regeneration

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Ryzanima Upvoted: 08 Jan Comments: 0

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