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Make the Top Left Logo on all sub-sections of the website Alderongames.com return you to the Home Page of the website.
For example, from support.alderongames.com, you'd click the logo and return to alderongames.com rather than back to support.alderongames.com. They already have a link at the bottom of the support.alderongames.com page that ALSO returns you to support.alderongames.com. Changing the top left one would still allow the bottom one to be used.

Other games like Minecraft have a "Back to minecraft homepage" link on the top of their page for quick navigation. Path of Titans does not have this and I have to re-type in the main page link every time.

A moderator suggested I bookmark all the different pages for quicker navigation which is a little much for a single game. Why not just add a quick way to navigate around like all other game sites?

*A moderator told me I was allowed to post Website Feedback on this board specifically.

Under consideration Website Suggested by: Priuloch Upvoted: 01 Jan, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0