Daspletosaurus viability buff made easy

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TurnRadiusMultiplier 1 > 1.43
TurnInPlaceRadiusMultiplier > 1 > 1.5
TrottingSpeedMultiplier 1 > 1.07
StaminaRecoveryRate 0.85 > 1.28
HealthRecoveryRate 1 > 1.88

Try these out using the new commands. Feels right. Not sluggish, not boat-like, and is capable of being the close combat brawler without being punished by tiny rats or lizards.

Higher turning radius allows for usage of speed upgrades without eliminating your ability to turn, makes tail optional as bite can now be used more effectively as your main tool.

Stamina recovery upped by 50%, to help fend off swarms with walking recovery speed up as well as cutting down sleeping from over 65 seconds, to about 32.

Health recovery up, das is frail as is and suffers immensely from bleed. Combat against even small creatures often leaves it maimed.

Whatever the attribute for damage is, increase the standard bite by about 25-30% to help sustainability when defending. Reduce tail damage slightly, das shouldn't be whipping

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Killzone3265 Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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