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Subspecies: Emperorines( Defense ) Sealineus ( Speed ) Ellioti ( Balanced )
Abilities: Head: Bite: An attack that does medium damage. Headbut: An attack that gives heavy bleed. Cost 750 marks. Front Limb: Cling: An ability that allows you to climb. Cost 200 marks. Claw Attack: An attack that causes bleed. Cost 200 marks. Metabolism: Hypercarnivore: Can only eat meat. Slow water and food drain .Ovavore: Can eat salt rocks and eggs. Medium food and water drain. Hide: Thick Scales: Increase in defense at the cost of speed. Thin Hide: Increase speed at the cost of turn radius and defense. Tail: Tail Attack: An attack that does little damage. Cost: 100 marks.

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Comments: 0