Tyrannotitan Playable

Name: Tyrannotitan

chubutensis-real: balanced
yonionis-fake: +defense, -speed, more fat, with spikes
remocha-fake: +speed, -defense, thinner, with spikes

Tyrannotitan was discovered in Argentina, and belongs to the carcharodontosaurid family. In real life tyrannotitan was 43 feet long, and in game its length will depend on how long tyrannosaurus is, being either the same size or bigger.

-faster than tyrannosaurus
-immense bleed
-high health

-quick stamina drain
-low base damage for its size
-low defense

Flesh Chunk Bite: an ability that needs to be unlocked, causes high damage and bleed, and gives it food. Has super long animation and cooldown. Can also work as a grabbing mechanic.
Tail attack: default (medium damage)
Bite attack: default (low damage, high bleed)
Claw attack: causes medium damage and no bleed, most helpful to use whilst grabbing onto prey. It also doesn’t put bite on cool down, allowing a combo.

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