Name: Cryolophosaurus

Species: Ellioti (Real) + 2

Species Classes: Ellioti has a slim build and feathers running down its upper body with a large crest, and is quick with a relitavely weak bite though it has a septic bite to help. The second species is a fully scaled one with a similar build to Ellioti but has large spikes running down the neck and small ones on the tail with a large crest, this species has more bleed but the same bite force and septic bite as the Ellioti
Description: Cryolophosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur known from only a single species Cryolophosaurus ellioti, from the early Jurassic.

Pros: Quick and slim, with a septic bite. uses its sharp teeth to tear off preys flesh and even if the prey escapes, the Cryolophosaurus' septic bite will wear down its unfortunate prey, leaving them losing health slowly as it begins to wait for it to die. Nocturnal.
Cons: Herbivores can eat certain plants or mushrooms to develop a resistance to its septic bite.

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