Sarcosuchus Rework Suggestions

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Sarcosuchus is really cool in PoT but I think they would play more like their modern day counterparts. Here are my suggestions to help with that.

-More than one bite on ability bar at a time (like Ano with their tail)
-Bone break, Sarco has an estimated psi of 18k-23k, Das is estimated to be around half that.
-Medium or Low bleed bite with damage, Sarco did not scratch with their teeth, they bit and ripped a chunk out (a good bleeder would be Kaprosuchus with those tusks)
-Tail slap with paddle tail as an alternative
-Lunge in the water and/or partly out of the water
-Grab (Bleed bite could share a CD, either you bite and hold or bite and rip away)
-Better turning (make normal turn curl the body and head, right now the mid section doesn't bend)

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Mouse Upvoted: 03 Sep, '23 Comments: 4

Comments: 4