Status Effect Balancing Adjustments

As we know bonebreak will eventually lose its RNG element, meaning it'll likely have to be changed for balancing. I have a few suggestions to make to further balance and enrich status effects. First, stack limits on all of them at least. Unlimited stacking can result in imbalance very quickly. I believe bleed's limit should not exceed the full health bar, and bleeding out will happen only if the player does not rest/sleep. Similar could be done for venom so it doesn't exceed the stamina bar. For BB, since it is purely time based, I propose it not be stackable, instead having the player or a team coordinate around its timer. Cooldowns on BB attacks could be longer than the timer, ensuring lone players cannot just immediately reapply it and requiring groups to perform what's called "chaining", where team members attack and reapply bonebreak when timer ends. The other effects could be balanced similarly, emphasizing teamplay and acting as effective utilities in combat and not define it.

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