Tie Name Visibility to the Proximity of Group Members, Not to the Group Leader

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A month or so ago, I was playing with my friends and I stumbled upon something that astounded me. Our group leader left to go waystone someone because they had the marks, and the rest of us stayed because we didn't really need to move. Suddenly, we couldn't see each others names. I didn't understand what happened at first, but then my friends explained to me that it is because the group leader is too far. Well, in the moment I said a lot of strong words but for this feedback I will just say this: do not tie name visibility of all group members to the leader. Tie it to the proximity between you and individual group members. I understand emphasizing the importance of team leader, but this is detrimental to teamplay. There will come situations where the group leader has to distance themselves, either they were greatly wounded and run off to heal, or they are chased out. And in those situations, its gonna really suck when you can't see anyone's name, and a lot of mistakes start happening.

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