Sarco Getting a Bone Break Ability

So i love the Sarco. But when i have to rely on fish or coprses to get food then there is a major issue. Having a bone break ability would allow for the sarco to become a true master of the ambush as is right now yeah if you can land a hit or two is nice but everything can outrun a sarco because the sarco has no stamina while running on land. it depletes so quickly that you have about a 15 to 20 second window to beable to land enough damage. otherwise your prey gets away and well now your defeated and hungry. this would as well help with the issue that Sarcos have to rely on fish. if the water source is bad or 0% then the Sarco has no way to sustain itself. it cant hunt other players because it gets out-stammed. So giving it the bone break ability would help the sarco out tremendously aswell make it more viable for hunting other dinos.

Under consideration Creature Abilities Suggested by: False Upvoted: 07 Sep Comments: 0

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