AI Sauropods

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Rather than allow all sauropods to be playable and have to go through all the programming hoops that go with it, have AI sauropods spawn throughout the world as quests for carnivores to attack to gain tons of marks like a boss or raid battle. Different sauropods could spawn depending on the biome and each would have its own difficulty (Macronarians such as Giraffatitan and Camarasaurus for the Redwood and pine forests, respectively since they stand more vertical and could maneuver through the trees more easily; Diplodocids and Apatosaurs for grassland areas due to their horizontal length so they could believably utilize their tails and necks for defense; and small sauropods like Magyarosaurus and/or Nigersaurus in the oak forest biomes due to the forest’s low canopies). Sauropodlet (baby) versions of these dinos could also flesh out the AI roster and be found more commonly, maybe in other biomes as well

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Comments: 0