Buff Carnivores

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In the games current state, carnivores feel much weaker than herbivores.

For example, Stego has much more damage and bleed than Allo while also having more stamina, with a single stego being quite capable of running down and killing entire packs of allos without any real consequence.

Similarly, Deinocheirus is faster and has more stam than a Spino. Deino can also kill Spino quite comfortably should it get behind the spino, and depending on its build, can also kill one in a raw face tank.

Smaller herbivores are no exception. Sty, Lambeo, and Alberta can outrun larger carnivores and fight smaller ones, while Campto and Struthi are so fast that they're only going to die if they get careless. Sharper horns Eotrike is rather self explanatory.

Rather than nerfing herbivores, carnivores should be buffed to be able to compete. A simple health and damage increase for carnivores would prevent herbivores from simply running them down out of boredom, and would allow for more balanced combat.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Aakfendez Upvoted: 02 May Comments: 8

Comments: 8