Full Adult Growth Loss

As it currently is, when you die as a full adult you lose 2/5ths of subadult growth and become a Subadult rather than a full adult. This feels far too punishing and creates an attitude of not wanting to play a dinosaur at high-risk times and avoiding the game for fear of losing even more of my hard-won growth time. Instead, I propose that when you die as a full adult, you gain the same 2/5ths of a bar of growth as a red section that must be filled back out with growth. Rather than becoming a subadult, you remain an adult with all of your unlocked abilities you have worked for still available but sustain stat penalties or other maluses while you have this "Resurrection Sickness". Once you have refilled this red bar of growth progress, the status is completely removed and you return to normal. I also propose that this "sickness" bar be capped to prevent it from stacking too far.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Suggested by: Malaroch Upvoted: 13 Aug Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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