Animal behaviour related quests! (Scent/territory marking, dust bathing...)

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Most animals, both prey and predator, have various habits related to their hygiene and how they interact socially with those of their own kind or not.
Grizzly bears mark up trees by rubbing their backs and winter coats off on the side of them, maybe molting large dinosaurs could be doing the same and even leave recognizable marks like that on the surfaces of trees or rocks that other players who developed the eye for it, could recognize.
Aside from that, there are horses who will roll in the dry dirt and sand to try to hide and muffle their scent, and then semi aquatics like spinosaurs and sarcosuchus could vocally announce their range from the water as well, with bellowing and displays in the water like making bubbles over their backs.

I suggest these as quests for people to do and earn marks from, as well as a means of tracking that doesn't directly give away someone's presence unless if they actually really want to be found.

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Comments: 13