Growth System Adjustment Suggestions

I'm sure PoT has gotten a lot of complaints for the growth system already, so I'll keep this short.

The growth system is nice, I like that it's quest-based. However, it takes way too long, especially considering dying knocks you down 1 to 2 bars for a single death. It takes 10+ very time-consuming quests to fill up a bar, and anywhere in that time period you may die again and lose even more progress.

1.) Make the quests fill up the bars more. Not at super-sonic speeds, but anything faster than they are now is a blessing in and of itself.

2.) Get rid of or reduce the marking penalty. Death is too punishing now that we lose growth AND marks.

3.) If not option 1, then make the growth bar semi-time-based, where it very slowly fills by itself and quests boost it a bit. I don't like this idea very much, since it encourages players to sit around, but..

4.) PLEASEEE find a way to make your questing system enjoyable. It's the number one solution that would solve everything.

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Comments: 3

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