Add Friends Directly In-Game Via Call Dialogue

Adding friends directly in-game via the same dialogue, maybe next to 'add to group' would be really helpful. Currently, you have to get their ID, go to the website and send a request, then your friend has to login to the website and accept the request. Removing the additional step as an option (not removing the current way but make another easier way) in-game would be super nice.

Imagine making a menu option that does a friendly call and sends a friend request in game. Then the other player sees the friend request in the same style dialogue as "add to group." This would be super nice and make it much more convenient to add friends for Path of Titans and whatever other games Alderon Games has.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Quality of Life (QOL) Suggested by: KensonPlays Upvoted: 30 Nov, '21 Comments: 0

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