Adjust the time required for growth

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As of playing for quite a few hours after the initial growth release, it is taking a massive amount of time and various quests to be able to grow to an adult.
I played both solo and with groups and found that it was very much a hassle and a chore over being the fun but fair mechanic I'm assuming it was meant to be. With the current fix to quests where personal quests are only location quests and location quests having an apparent invisible timer, running around as a solo makes growing an immense task. Being in a group ( which is suggested for faster growth) barely made a dent to my increased growth as with 50% participation I MAYBE got 6 seconds of growth.
The growth buff should be increased as if this is an MMO and I'm to have multiple characters, it shouldn't be taking me 10+ hrs to make just 1 character an adult. The current system makes this tedious and unfun.
Allowing for more quests being available, buffing the growth buff time or growth amount, and make group quests worth more.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Suggested by: Drackana Upvoted: 24 Sep Comments: 6

Comments: 6