Some Baby Dinos Need Work

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So while I am absolutely ecstatic about the growth update, I will admit, some of the baby dinosaurs are definitely given a lot less polish and work than others.

Baby Eotrike looks amazing, it looks like a baby. The baby suchomimus is genuinely just scaled down with no visible work done whatsoever. Baby allosaurus good, baby deinocheirus is not.

I think the biggest problem is in the proportions, not all the "baby" dinosaurs were actually made to look like babies and instead were just scaled down and made tiny. Biggest issue is definitely in the heads where some dinos did not get shorter heads and larger eyes, and instead have their adult face proportions.

Additionally all of the babies having adult sounds and weirdly sped up animations for running on all of the babies just makes them worse. I'm not asking for all the animations to be redone but the running is especially bad. Additionally 1 or 2 generic squeaks for baby dinos would go a long way.

Under consideration Audio and Music Game Art and Animation Suggested by: Drakine Upvoted: 01 Nov, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0