Remove personal quest timers and add the ability to dismiss quests

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The new quest timers have made the game feel pushy, harsh, and overly demanding. With every personal quest on a timer, we are now constantly under time pressure. I keep finding myself in situations where I can't complete the current quest in time but I can't dismiss it either, so I have no choice but to wait several minutes for a failure message to appear so I can try the next quest.

In addition, we now have aggressive red timers counting down to failure of local quests each time we pass through an area that has them. If we stop to complete the local quest(s), we will likely run out of time for the personal quest.

This is way too much negative feedback, and does not create a rewarding game experience.

Please remove the timers on personal quests, and give us the option to dismiss both personal and location based quests if we don't want to or can't do them.

Under consideration Quests and Achievements Suggested by: Nemifer Upvoted: 12 Jun Comments: 5

Comments: 5