More food sources for herbis/grazing

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Currently, and moreso soon with the release of critters, the game is heavily skewed in favor of carnivores, as they don’t rely on static food sources like herbivores and can get food any time they want by just killing something rather than waiting for it to replenish. Because this is unfair and will probably unbalance the game’s ecosystem quite a bit, it’d be fairly logical for the devs to add some way for herbis to obtain food ‘whenever’ they want too, maybe just add more food sources to the map in general (it feels way too sparse right now anyways, the space between floral food sources is ridiculous, especially when compared with quest items or shellfish). Or, as some may prefer, add a grazing ability for herbis to unlock with a small amount of marks or something, allowing them to gain a small amount of food from whichever grass terrained location they please. Overall there has to be some way for herbis to get food or else the player base is going to start getting especially skewed.

Under consideration Creature Abilities Map Feedback Suggested by: Oofle Upvoted: 09 Jul, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0