Koolasuchus with tadpole babies !

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I think it would be cool to have an amphibian playable brought to the game in a later stage.
koolasuchus would be the some kind of small sarcolike gameplay style but more waterbase and could be the only creature able to stay in muddy pond or lake that have 0% cleaness. It would eat big fishes, and small dinosaurus like from plati to deino to campto and would be able to eat them whole. I would lay 50 egg and you'll hatch with your brother and sister that could be good food if you grow faster than them. But pay attention If they grow faster than you...YOU could be good food for them (they would be AI as long as no other play would spawn with you). koolasuchus would be really vulnerable on land and would move rarely from pond to pond only if food comes to disapear or be to rare, it would be the time to attack them. In water they would be the fastes semi aquatics as they also could be the smallest. They would be arount 6 meters long.

- Bite
- Lunge
- Swallow
- Streamline

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Comments: 0