Being able to manipulate the surrounding environment

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Smaller dinosaurs can dig burrows and do whatever they want to the map, sorta like Minecraft. Large dinos can make circular basic nests with certain materials while smaller dinos can construct intricate hideouts using the combination of some craftable structures provided. Dinos (up to mid-sized) can tunnel underground whichever way they please by digging into it, forming burrows of their liking. Dinos can build their burrows on certain times of soil, with sand being the quickest but most unstable while soil being the best. Making underwater burrows and digging upwards will result in air pockets. Some burrows collapse over time, the stuff inside will be teleported to the surface as it slowly pushes everything outside, becoming flat ground. Burrows can be filled up with enough effort by other players and cannot be made too close to one another or too many in one area so players fill existing ones instead to make new ones. There should be a depth limit to burrows like 70 meters down.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Map Feedback Suggested by: Mack Sharky Upvoted: 12 Aug, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0