Re-work Combat Logging

I do not know if it has even been implemented yet, but last night, a friend of mine was logging out so she could use the facilities. Around 30 seconds left, and a dinosaur came and and started biting her. When my friend got back in, she found out she had gone from over 1k marks to 400 marks.

I think the system needs a bit of re-work, if indeed she was penalized for 'combat logging'. We need some sort of safety buffer for those who have already started logging out before anything even comes in to attack them.

Because too many players take advantage when they come across someone they think is logging out. So for players who are just logging for the night or for the day, it really sucks to have a penalty like that just because someone comes up and wants to be a jerk.

I fully support no combat logging, but there needs to be a better way to determine/penalize people for actual combat logging, and someone who is just trying to log out for the night and gets attacked mid-log.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Quality of Life (QOL) Suggested by: TaliBooni Upvoted: 02 Aug Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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