More Interesting Dinosaurs/Animals

I feel that some animals get overshadowed by other and thus, I think they deserve to come here and be embraced by the people here. Minmi would be interesting to have as it’s not only an ankylosaur but one found in Australia. Muttaburrasaurus should also come as it’s a very unique animal, a Rhabdodontomorpha. Nigersaurus and a therizinosaur could add more diversity to the world of Panjura. Nodosaurs like Borealopelta are so underutilized by games like this one to the point that people forget they exist. Irritator as it would be more of an opportunist compared to Spino and Sucho. Europasaurus could be a good representation of a brachiosaur in the game. Datanglong could be a good rival for many of the similar sized carnivores. So many interesting animals that many people don’t think of could be given a chance to thrive here. I’d say give these animals a shot.

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Comments: 2

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