Sarco Additions/Changes

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Current attack:
Description: Sarco should be allowed more attacks
Outcome: Base attack and ripping bite equipped
Reason: If dasp can have base attack, tail attack and BB then why can’t sarco have more?

Additional attack:
Name: Lunge
Description: an ability option that allows the sarco to 180 lunge turn to change directions
Damage: auto base-attack bite once the turn is complete
Benefits: helps prevent sarcos biggest weak spot (the rear) being exploited
- 4 second cool down
- 1/6 stam drainage

Description: Sarco water drain is too fast
- reduce water drain
- add water gain from eating fish [like with melons/roots]

Description: Sarco stam is unstable
Reason: Sarco loses stam before it’s even got into the running animation
- Give Sarco more stam
- line up stam loss accurately with the running animation

Under consideration Creature Abilities Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: OWildOne Upvoted: 20 Jan Comments: 3

Comments: 3