Add a Nodosauridae to the game

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Nodosauridae are unfortunately one of the most underrated dinosaur species in dinosaur survival games I have not yet seen a playable Nodosauridae in a game which is really sad there such amazing animals and have such potential for a interesting and different playstyle to the anklosauridae dinosaurs.

Some ability ideas,
-Offensive shield ability (reduces raw and bleed damage and causes raw and bleed damage to attackers when attacked that lasts for 30 seconds with a 60 second cooldown timer)
-Charge attack (similar to albertaceretops charge but not as long and would be more of a side hit charge causing raw and bleed damage)
these are just a few ideas for what Nodosauridea gameplay could be like kinda like anklosauridae gameplay but relies more on bleed then raw damage

And just to name a few Nodosauridaes I would like to see saurapelta, borealopelta and silvisaurus

Under consideration New Creature Suggested by: Jay-Tano Upvoted: 23 Aug Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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