Suchomimus buff

While sucho is in a better place now than before, it still doesn't feel like a 4 slot creature.
It barely wins face tanking against daspletosaurus (sucho wins with bites by about 30%) who is a 3 slot and loses to iguanodon or stegosaurus (which too, take 3 slots) in face tanking. Then in fights against 5 slot creatures such as spinosaurus, it looses without even removing 35% of spinos HP. What makes it truly unbearable though, is sucho's blind spots. Its so large that smaller creatures can easily bite it without being punished, especially with how precise sucho's hit boxes are.
So suchomimus is barely on par with 3 slot creatures and stands no chance against 5 slots such as spino or cheirus. It does NOT feel like an in between for 3 and 5 slots and it really needs to be buffed.
It needs increased tail damage, as the tail attack has a 2 second cooldown yet does less damage than the bite, making the back a huge blind spot. Further it needs more HP to compensate for all the blind spots.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Man Eater Upvoted: 08 Sep Comments: 0

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